Our approach to investing is simple. We look for scalable opportunities (ScOps). What we mean is that we look for companies that fill a fundamental consumer or business need in the most efficient way. Cool technology just doesn't cut it - your product has to solve a real problem. We're looking for management teams that are smart, competitive and aggressive. We aren't looking for people wanting to make a quick buck or to simply get rich - we want to find people who love what they do. We have found if you love what you do and you fill a real need, you'll eventually get rich and have a lot more fun.


We bring a unique combination of assets to a startup company. Kevin has been involved running his own startups for over 30 years so he understands entrepreneurs and founders very well. He has also invested in many companies and has sat on four public and many private company boards - so he understand investors. He has had tremendous success, along with many mistakes, and these experiences can help you. Cormac worked at Tinder when it went from 70 employees to over 300 and helped shape a culture of data driven decision making and testing within the company. He has a lot of experience launching new products with testing and analytics in mind. He has an intense passion to understand the "why" questions in business, and utilizes data driven techniques to unearth the truth.


We primarily focus on SaaS companies who have some proof of market validation which typically means between $500k+ in ARR. You still aren't at the "growth stage" yet - you still have plenty to figure out and need to build a highly scalable team. We will entertain seed stage investing for proven entrepreneurs. Sorry if you don't fit our criteria but there are only the two of us and we need to focus on companies where we can add real value.

If you are located in Southern or Central California and have a technology company with both product and revenue, please drop us an email and let's talk. [need to work on last 2 paragraphs and combine into 1]


The Map of Innovation is O’Connor’s step-by-step approach to devising lucrative new products and services and bringing them to market, through a process that has proven itself time and again in many different industries. Too often, people trying to innovate focus on things that don’t matter or waste their time trying to find answers to questions that can’t be answered. O’Connor shows why the map of innovation centers on getting right the five make-or-break fundamentals: creating a large number of viable ideas; picking the right idea to pursue; creating a highly focused strategy to bring the idea to market; getting the money to fund the strategy; and hiring the best people. With Kevin O’Connor, the proof of the value of methodical innovation is in the pudding. He helped start companies that have employed thousands of people and created billions in shareholder value.