Why Startups Fail

Over seventy percent of startups end up in the trash heap of history. I’ll explore how to increase your odds of staying off that heap of trash.

Ironic that I find so many people interested in pursuing a career path that has such a low probability of success. As an entrepreneur, you risk your time, your sanity, your money, and so much more on a long journey that typically ends really poorly. How often does it end poorly? Most estimates I’ve seen show that 70% of all businesses fail within 10 years.

As a long time entrepreneur, and a VC that backs entrepreneurs, my strategy is primarily focused on how to improve your odds of success. In other words, how do you become the 30% of companies that succeed and not the 70% of those that fail. All of the reasons for failure are painfully obvious yet are often ignored.

Over time, I’ll be writing a blog post on each of the top reasons companies fail. In the meantime, here are a couple of great articles covering Why Startups Fail:

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Kevin O'Connor